Race to Democracy is an open source campaign to build a more inclusive democracy.

Designed to support communities across the United States to push for change within local and regional government, Race to Democracy provides tools to strengthen and empower racial justice organizing.

Race to Democracy starts in our communities.

We must demand more of our democracy and more of our local government. Government needs to make an explicit commitment to racial equity in policy, practice, and outcome–demonstrating that they:

  • understand the history of structural racism;
  • have the tools to address it;
  • use data to evaluate and measure progress; and
  • center communities of color in decision making.

Race has always profoundly shaped the political landscape in the U.S. Our current opportunity lies in connecting local communities’ understanding of equity to local government’s capacity to hold and implement innovative policy ideas that advance racial equity, particularly in highly impacted communities of color. Together, we can leverage these racially equitable local wins into a collective movement for racial justice.

Racial inequities are neither random nor natural; they were intentionally created over the course of American history. Laws and policies enacted by government have driven who can be a citizen, who can vote, who can own property, who has been property, and whose land is whose. Although the Civil Rights movement outlawed many forms of discrimination, implicit bias and institutional and structural racism continue to perpetuate widespread racial inequities. Without intentional strategies to proactively advance racial equity, we can expect to continue to see more of the same.

Grassroots communities of color across the country often lack access to the very government that is in place to serve us, and are rarely invited to participate meaningfully in government or the creation and implementation of policies that affect our health, safety, and well-being.

As we approach a time when there will no longer be a racial majority in America, are we ready to embrace the economic wellness and community-building opportunities afforded to a multicultural society? Are we ready to embrace a new vision of shared prosperity and a truly inclusive democracy?


Across the country, community-based organizations and coalitions are demanding that their local government prioritize racial equity. We feature their stories here.


Community-based organizations and coalitions have used several tools and resources to pressure local government to make an explicit commitment to advancing racial equity. We feature these tools and resources here.

Race to Democracy is a project of Center for Social Inclusion, a non-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze communities, government, and other institutions to dismantle structural racial inequity and create equitable outcomes for all.